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Lazar Dzamic

digital trailblazer, brand strategist,
data scientist, ethical marketer

Leading Xoogler Speaker

After being head of brand planning at Google Zoo, and with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience, Lazar is one of the leading brand and marketing strategists in Europe. From the stage and the classroom, he shares his experience and know-how with the world's largest companies to help them develop and curate authentic attention and brand relevance.

Lazar speaks with authority on why resonant marketing content is crucial for driving deep customer engagement that leads to commercial success. His memorable storytelling transforms audiences, giving them the insights to integrate a brand's purpose into the core of their business communications.

Lazar often supports leaders and companies to create better brand, product and content strategies for internal and external communications. Lazar's wealth of experience and a lengthy track record as a trusted adviser to major brands like Waitrose, PwC, Nandos, P&G, Virgin Holidays and Unilever has enabled him to test and prove his fervent belief that a company's data connected to their unique story engages people both intellectually and emotionally at exponential rates.

Ethical Marketing

Content Marketing Speakers

Through his keynotes and workshops, Lazar's vast experience and charm enable the ideas he shares to resonate across industries and organisations, helping people to rethink what attention marketing does to create stand-out business formulas. Audiences worldwide praise Lazar's inquisitive mindset and continual provocations into the data, digital and business strategies that are defining tomorrow's most sustainable and profound brands.

In today's distracted world of interruption, where the demise of advertising as we know it is hotly debated, one paradigm that is often flagged up as the possible candidate for its replacement is content. Lazar weaves many different insights and stories together from media, advertising and agency value chains to demonstrate with cool precision why brands should think less about avoiding being tuned out and more on how to get chosen and continually valued.

Digital Strategist

digital branding

Data is still an unfulfilled promise. In the rush to get the newest shiny promise of big automatic efficiency, many businesses along with the advertising and marketing industries have forgotten to maintain rich and comprehensive data insight sources – the qualitative ethnographic insights that often provide the answer to the why of consumer behaviour, rather than just the what.

Collectively, we face an ethical challenge via this race to the bottom of the brainstem: addiction bingeing and selling, selling, selling. In Lazar's talks, he explores the new immersive spaces of AR/VR, Pokemon GO or Bandersnatch, which are becoming more valued marketing tools in the hyper-personal arena as they do not use interruption in order to create awareness and promote products or value. Lazar's most impactful presentations lead participants through breakthrough processes that permit authentic innovation and digital strategies to be chosen, rather than ignored.

Lazar is consulting some pretty large companies to enhance their understanding of responsible ways to grow and turn a company's why into a transparent and scalable business model. His insights on an economy hell-bent on amusing ourselves to death are clarifying for audiences exactly where and how we can define entire new arenas for customer engagement and transformational branded experiences.

Marjia Matic - Direct Media

Lazar is a masterful lecturer and a true expert. He effortlessly weaves together the fascinating threads of human psychology, technology and creativity to form a tapestry of modern marketing communications. His perspective is invaluable!

Marija Matic, Data & Communications Director, Direct Media

Roksanda Marinkovic - Adidas

He lights up the room with positive energy, makes you feel so relaxed and engaged even when you are a total 'rookie' and dazzles you with his creative, yet very hands on, practical approach.

Roksanda Marinkovic, Human Resources Manager Greece & Cyprus, Adidas

Tanja Petrovic - Coca-Cola

Lazar's teaching style reflects Albet Einstein's dictum that 'if you can't explain something simply, you don't really understand it'. You will appreciate the opportunity to learn from his rich experience.

Tanja Petrovic, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola HBC

Katarina Sibalic - Strauss Adriatic

Digitalisation is today a topic occupying many experts from many different angles. Lazar is like a surgeon: someone who makes complex things so easy that it almost feels like a daily routine. His teaching style is so smooth and simple to understand.

Katarina Sibalic, Marketing Director, Strauss Adriatic

Procter & Gamble™
Direct Media
European Bank

Strategic Content Marketing

Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing by author Lazar Dzamic

Marketers everywhere are talking about content, but not everyone is saying the same thing. Some professionals love content and believe it has revolutionised the practice of marketing. To others, it's mere hype: a new name for what marketers have always done.

Together with co-author Justin Kirby, Lazar has launched into the world valuable insights into why 21st century marketing can be meaningfully relevant and how it can play an important and ethical role in business. This handbook is a balanced view of content marketing, grouping the discussion around such subjects as content monetisation, native advertising, visuals versus video, and the challenge of measuring results. With contributions from and interviews with leading academics, industry experts, thought leaders and influencers, this book is a truly unique resource for any manager needing to become a marketing master.

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Mind Resources

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What is Content - with Googler Lazar Dzamic

Digital Trailblazing

Beyond what Google has done to categorise and make information easy to find, your online presence and digital language now sits at a strategic intersection between emotional branded content and meaningful customer engagement. The path to true innovation and purpose-led marketing starts here.

Behavioural economics and brands

De-Hyping Advertising

Beyond regulatory frameworks and bodies, Lazar argues for the need of a robust cultural critique and set of industry self-standards for advertising's responsibility in civilisation.

The Future of Digital Marketing with Lazar Dzamic

Connecting Point

The customer journey is anybody's game. Adverstising, creative agencies, publishing, media, and even academics are searching for meaning (beyond making money or notoriety) today. Emotional resonance and the utility of intent are the most potent approaches brands now can use in the attention economy.

Advertising as customer service is an incredible opportunity for brands to match authenticity and meaning in a way customers value.

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