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Roz Savage

resilience coach, sustainability advocate,
eco‑adventurer, purpose‑driven leader

Leading Resilience

An environmental epiphany led Roz to a radical life change, leaving an 11-year career as a management consultant to become the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Through her experiences she has gained first-hand knowledge and insights into courage, resilience, leadership, teamwork and personal determination. Her inspirational and highly motivational keynote speeches showcase her powerful advocacy for everyone to unlock their potential and pursue a purpose-driven life. Her realisation of two profound truths are at the heart of her adventurous experiences and messages:

  • we are all capable of much more than we dare to believe we are;
  • any worthy endeavour requires an inspirational vision combined with a team that is committed to mastery

Roz loves sharing her insights on the power and benefits of living outside your comfort zone. Her bold teachings across both private and professional spectrums reveal the tools for success to global corporate and academic audiences.

Life's Great Adventure

Courageous Leadership keynote speaker

Her highly engaging and deeply personal keynotes offer practical tools for overcoming the fear that holds us back from true engagement and fulfilment. Her central premise is that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather acknowledging the fear while being sufficiently motivated to move past it towards success. Roz emphasises how vital it is to leap into life's great adventure, striking the right balance between caution and boldness.

Companies and organisations that bring Roz in to speak see a huge return on that investment, which results in more committed and confident employees, who have a renewed sense of courageous leadership and strong determination to move past obstacles that had previously been holding them back.

Global Call-to-Action

Sustainability Champion - Roz Savage

In addition to being a speaker, author, and sustainability champion for environmental and clean ocean issues, Roz is the founder of the Sisters Global. The Sisters is a global network of women, and women's organisations, working together to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. Roz is constantly collaborating with different Sisters to connect the issues from around the world with new combinations of pooled resources, much-needed skills, and focused time to change the world for the better. Together, they are building a movement across the boundaries of nationhood, religion, ethnicity, and class, to amplify our collective impact.

Jill Ford - Credit Suisse

Roz was energetic, passionate, engaging and real. Her connection with both our employees and our clients, and the dialogue it sparked both within the room and beyond was tremendous. Everyone left with a little optimistic spring in their step, inspired to make changes.

Jill Ford, Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Esther Gray - Syracuse University

Roz's enduring and heartfelt message spoke to everyone. She captivated the audience and held us spellbound. Roz would claim she's just an ordinary woman; if that's true, she's an ordinary woman who took it upon herself to do extraordinary things. I highly recommend her.

Esther Gray, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Syracuse University

Maryam Banikarim - Gannett

Roz recently spoke to our employees about ways to face stormy seas on the path to transforming our business. Her lessons in grit and perseverance will help anyone navigating today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Maryam Banikarim, CMO, Gannett Co Inc

Young Presidents Organisation

Roz is a natural presenter, adapting to the audience and with a delivery that is so natural. She makes it appear effortless which is the mark of a true professional.

Scott Balogh, Young Presidents Organisation

Neva Grant - National Public Radio

I've been in the radio business over 30 years and have produced countless interviews, but yours was one of the most beautiful.  And memorable.

Neva Grant, Senior Editor, National Public Radio

Yale University
Department of State, USA

Stop Drifting, start Reading

Stop drifting, start Rowing by author Roz Savage

Roz Savage sat down one night and wrote two versions of her own obituary: one for the person she was pretending to be outside, and another obituary of the person she was craving to become on the inside. And it is from this experience and her search for happiness on the open water that Roz asks individuals and organisations today: who are we? Where are we going? And what will be our legacy?

As the only woman who has successfully rowed across the 'Big 3' oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Indian), Roz shares in her books the very practical experience and in-depth insights on how the psychology of self-functions can radically drive personal transformation.

In addition to her books, Roz writes for numerous magazines and websites including, Forbes and the Huffington Post, and has contributed to over a dozen books on oceans, conversation, adventure, personal development, courage and resilient leadership.

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Courage, Resilience and leadership blog by author and speaker Roz Savage

inspiring action

As is an ocean rower, speaker, author, sustainability advocate, and thought leader on the big existential questions of the 21st century, Roz blogs on the movements and global issues affecting business and our world. Stay current with her insights and approach to designing a sustainable and fulfilling future for our world.

Inspiring and motivational Podcasts from Roz Savage

living boldly

Since her record-setting, solo journeys across three oceans in a twenty-three foot boat, Roz has gone onto to tackle new challenges and developing new ways to connect and collaborate with people. Listen to these inspiring interviews where Roz shares some of the more intimate details of what it takes to live beyond your comfort zone.

Be Bold  in life with courage, grit and determination Podcast with Roz Savage

peak interest

Letting go of everything that represents security in one's life is a unsettling decision and action to do proactively. It can also be an amazing and liberating move that reveals and then provides everything you’ve been needing to achieve the most wildest version of who you are.

Don't keep asking yourself if you can do something. Just get out there and do it. It's the only way you'll know.

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Roz Savage courageously rowing the atlantic

Leading Topics

Unlocking courage to overcome the fear that holds people back from leading and living boldly beyond their comfort zones; fostering resilience, personal fulfilment and better results.

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