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Shed Simove

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Leading Innovation

Shed Simove is a business speaker, perpetual marketer, and motivational performer whose expertise in product invention, sales innovation and idea generation inspires profitable changes that equip audiences with the tools to generate new business opportunities. His inspiring talks showcase his business insights, methods for sales growth, tips for creative thinking and his own entrepreneurial journeys, that give any company practical advice to increase their bottom line.

He fervently believes in ‘failing upwards’ by launching numerous ideas and learning from the amazing experiences they bring, which become the basis of his books, humorous presentations and corporate speeches on creativity and innovation. Shed often shares with audiences the three methods which he uses to unlock creative thinking for himself and across the teams he talks to.

Known as ‘The Ideas Man’, Shed shares concrete techniques for any audience looking for practical, innovative methods to energise their organisation to think differently and focus on obtaining huge success. His range and rate of achievement is vast which make his performances wonderfully motivational and brilliantly entertaining.

Background of a maverick

innovative and creative product thinker

Following a degree in Experimental Psychology at Balliol College, Oxford, and two years working in Disney World, Florida (as a Sixteenth Century Gentleman), Shed worked in TV Production and soon became known industry-wide for making innovative, ground-breaking television shows. In 2003, Shed was appointed Commissioning Editor of Channel 4's ‘Big Brother’ and throughout his TV career was also involved in discovering and launching many stars including Kelly Brook, Tess Daly and Russell Brand.

Shed has gone on to forge a highly innovative merchandising empire, creating conceptual novelty gifts, executive toys and even his own currency; to date he has sold over 1.5 million products worldwide. He holds a Guinness World Record for one of his cleverly original books, which also reached number 44 on the Amazon chart and has been translated into numerous languages.

Reshaping Genius

Leading inspirational Keynote at Brand Minds

Shed is an absolute expert in ideas, motivating each audience member to recognise their own existing – if latent – creative genius, by sharing with them the simple tools to move forward with their ideas that can reshape the world and the business around them. His positivity inspires improved attitudes, increased productivity, and true disruption. Harnessing his methods empowers employees and colleagues, inspiring a boost in collaboration, and giving teams everything they need to liberate a new revenue model, product line or even brand new ways of accomplishing reinvention.

His talks showcase his uniquely amazing career path, using props and multi-media visuals that add to the engaging, exciting and funny stories he tells. All of Shed's speeches can be tailored to suit the audience to deliver a truly compelling, uniquely memorable, fascinating, one-off performance. His inspirational and hugely informative performances are unlike anything else you or your company will have ever experienced, and audience feedback is always off the charts. If you crossed Dave Gorman with Carrot Top and threw in a pinch of Seth Godin, you would only be a fraction of the way there.

Rufus Radcliffe - ITV

Shed is a left-field, charismatic and inspirational speaker. One of his many strengths is that all of his views on creativity are based on real life experience. I would recommend him to anyone!

Rufus Radcliffe, Group Marketing & Research Director, ITV

Paul Matthews - Unilever

The session Shed delivered was dazzlingly good – full of energy, insights, inspiration and positivity. If you want to take an alternative, off-the-wall look at how you can inject some creativity into your team or business: Shed's your man.

Paul Matthews, Press Officer, Unilever UK & Ireland

Desigan Chinniah - Ebay

‘Less talk and more action’ is the name of Shed's game, as he goes through a countless number of practical tips on idea generation, and how to execute them as well. There are thousands of ideas practically staring you in the face; all you need is a bit of Shed inspiration to be the catalyst.

Desigan Chinniah, ebay

Valerija Prevolsek - SEMPL

Every so often, a speaker ‘owns’ the stage and wows the audience. I would say Shed is definitely a rock star among the business and innovation speakers! He exceeded all our expectations, being a star on and off the stage and I would strongly recommend him.

Valerija Prevolsek, Managing Director, SEMPL

Paul Scrase - Truth Consulting on behalf of SONY UK

Genius! Shed captured his creative steps and delivers them with passionate, understandable and hilarious stories of his successes (and failures). He's brilliant at challenging people to think differently and at kick-starting any creative innovation session!

Paul Scrase, Head of Experiential Design, on behalf of SONY UK

Hugo Boss

...or your money back

Ideas Man by author Shed Simove

Shed Simove is a modern day creative genius, he lives and breathes ideas. Every day of his life, dozens of new ideas spring from his astonishingly active mind. His ideas can relate to pretty much anything - TV shows, executive toys, greeting cards, money-making schemes, extension of a product line - the list of applications for how he can twist any idea into innovative products is endless.

Learn Shed's secrets for success via his various books that are in turn funny, informative and outrageously clever. In his worldwide best-seller, "Professor" Simove reveals the true depth and complex secrets of a man's mind that have eluded science. His successful books contain tips on how to achieve anything you desire, and chart the extraordinary real-life adventures of Britain's most inspirational 'Ideas Man'.

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Nothing Precious

Shed balances the subtle art of parody with creativity with witty word play to take on the most innovative technology company of our time. This clip demonstrates how a fantastic idea mixed with humour can become a profitable product when you push the limits of your thinking.

unlocking success - how brilliant is your brain

Unlocking Success

Big companies struggle getting the formula for growth and succes in synch. Organising people and then powerfully harnessing their best ideas to accelerate the journey can be repeated with the proper creative tools. Hear how Shed's techiques for 'failing forward' has made his best ideas become valued products.

Business creativity success

Experiments never fail

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney
Listen in on how Shed uses his three techniques for amazing ideas to sell millions of novelty gifts, as well as become a Guinness World Record holder and launch successful new business ventures.

You must first be inspired inwards if you want to be inspiring outwards.

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Shed Simove

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Revealing how to reach success in product innovation, creative sales and guerrilla marketing through experimenting with your wildest ideas.

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