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Andrew Vorster

fintech adviser, technology futurist,
innovation catalyst, trend researcher

Leading Futurist

For more than a decade of his career, Andrew was the Head of Technology Research for Visa Europe, where he gained a reputation for incredibly fresh thinking and proposing pragmatic solutions to complex problems. With over 30 years of identifying and tracking technology trends and business behaviours across a wide variety of industries, Andrew's colourful and engaging storytelling helps businesses to harness the current pace of change, identify the opportunities it presents and stimulate transformation. In his roles as innovation catalyst, start-up and business strategy adviser, Andrew has worked with media, technology, financial and blockchain organisations to prepare them for the future of their business success today. Equally, as a passionate technologist, he has vast experience running innovation labs and corporate incubators as an 'Entrepreneur In Residence' provoking companies to answer the fundamental question: what does this technological innovation mean to your business?

Andrew's Keynotes, ideation sessions, dynamic workshops and executive board briefings unlock the hidden potential organisations often overlook or do not possess the knowledge and methods to leverage. Andrew's talent is in connecting the dots between the implications and the opportunities that key technological trends will have on society, industry and the individuals within them.

Initiating Innovation

Business innovation insights speaker

Lack of market need is the top reason that most entrepreneurs and start-ups experience failures, followed by not bootstrapping their funding model actively and with a rigid acumen and attention to detail. Andrew's role from the stage and as an adviser in fintech, technology and leading organisations is to distill the challenges they face into a groundswell and pivot point where people are empowered to project and execute future paths. His brilliant insights and the processes he takes leaders through in his workshops explore the critical narratives and opportunities that enable brand new revenue models or products to be brought to life.

System of Storytelling

Futurist Speaker

As a world-class communicator and systems thinking expert, Andrew shares his methodologies that businesses can use to reveal the strategic and innovation initiatives that allow for multiple versions of a successful future to be envisioned. Through his extensive experience in technology and fintech industries, Andrew inspires everyone he meets with his knowledge and methods for discovering answers to the three essential questions everyone should ask of their next innovation. His infectious storytelling and piercing transformative power enable leaders to continually spot new opportunities and then map out the scenarios to drive their future success and profit.

Adi Hartuv - The Eventful Group

Andrew is a storytelling alchemist – weaving unfettered imagination, energy and curiosity to invite us into an immersive experience. The way he captivates his audience assures an exponential spread of light bulb moments throughout the room. I highly recommend Andrew!

Adi Hartuv, Conference Producer, The Eventful Group

Juan Machado - Visa

Andrew is a first class communicator who delivers superb content valued by our clients in strategy and innovation. He has the ability to communicate complex subjects, captivating the audience through exceptional storytelling.

Juan Machado, EU Digital Solutions Director, Visa

Guy Juniper - Apetito

Before his talk, Andrew ensured that he was equipped with an understanding of our business and our challenges. His presentation was energetic, insightful and infectious, cleverly exploring a range of relevant innovative technologies which broadened and challenged our thinking.

Guy Juniper, Head of IT, Apetito

Clara Durodié - Cognitive Finance Group

Andrew has a deep sector knowledge and a crisp understanding of where the world is going - two of the essential ingredients for mapping the future.

Clara Durodié, Executive Chair & Founder, Cognitive Finance Group

Hes Phillips - Oracle

He has an enormous amount of energy, passion and enthusiasm, and such an engaging approach in his storytelling that delivers such brilliant insights. Andrew is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, interesting and INTERESTED - you cannot help but be drawn in.

Hes Phillips, Senior Manager, Oracle

European Business Awards
The Eventful Group
Money 2020
Mullins Law
Master Mindset

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More insights into Andrew's technology & innovation expertise
Andrew Vorster Speaker blog

Andrew's Blog

Andrew's natural born style of story-telling weaves valuable insights into his frequent posts. He examines industry and organisational opportunities with a mix of poignant questions, systems thinking and trend research techniques for initiatives that drive business transformation.

Technologies Innovations Patents Startups

Provoking Thought

Constantly scouting for new technologies and the companies that are disrupting markets, Andrew helps the next generation of innovative companies envisage the range of possible futures enabled by technology, and accelerates success through his TIPS methodology.

Igniting innovation podcasts

Innovation Podcast

Together with Martin Lucas, Andrew joins the Innovation Podcast series where they explore the important topics businesses need answers to, such as: How do we stimulate cultures of innovation? What is required to maintain sustainably innovative ecosystems?

Tackling the fear of failure begins when you start where you are, use what you've got, and do what you can.

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Andrew Vorster - technology speaker

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Identifying future trends, igniting innovation initiatives, exploring disruptive thinking and the technological developments that influence strategic direction.

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