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Susie Dent

logophile, television celebrity,
language researcher, etymologist

Leading Language

Susie Dent is best known for her appearances on the popular UK TV game show Countdown (and spin-off show 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown), where she has presided over Dictionary Corner since 1992. A former Editorial Director for Oxford University Press, and spokesperson for the Oxford English Dictionary, Susie is an expert in her field. She has a superb ability to pinpoint the power of precise language and the value of its use across business and personal contexts, enabling leaders to communicate effortlessly and memorably. She weaves entertaining yet educational stories and case studies into her presentations, drawn from a lifetime's observation of how language has both helped and hindered. Her keynotes have fun and interactive elements that bring her message to life for audiences. Susie's sessions enable organisations and management teams to refine their own messages and effectively improve the way they communicate internally and with customers.

Words Matter

Leading Conference Speaker | Susie Dent - Words in the Workplace

Companies all over the world face daily challenges when it comes to language, including different demographic nuances and cultural differences in vocabulary. Susie gives her audiences a new appreciation as to the value that precise language brings, suggesting ways in which they can integrate her approaches into more powerful word choices across different relationships. Because words are key to persuasion, and for success in marketing or business, Susie reminds us of these three essential ingredients:

  • ethos (passion)
  • logos (words)
  • pathos (the art of connecting to peoples' emotions)

Influencer Communication

Leadership Communication with Susie Dent

Susie's warm and delightful approach to what could otherwise be a dry subject, comes from a wealth of experience in both broadcast and print media. She keynotes at large events and corporate conferences, gives interviews and expert comment and bylined articles on a number of different communications and marketing topics, including:

  • Language of leaders: How to choose the right words to inspire your team
  • Motivating millennials: How to use language to connect with a generation
  • What's your tribe? What the words you use say about you
  • Why industry jargon can be a good thing
  • How brands can excel by breaking the rules
  • You're fired! The words that will fast-track your exit

Ask us about how Susie can prepare a customer communications workshop or presentation for your needs and see for yourself how powerful her influence on your internal and external communication can be!

Simon Morris - Adobe

Susie's presentation was a real hit! She's both an engaging and informative speaker and tailored her presentation to the international audience and received very high scores from the delegates. Highly recommended!

Simon Morris, Director Content Marketing, Adobe

Ksenija Oletic - Ameritest

I absolutely loved Susie's keynote talk; it was one of the most memorable and I was really impressed. In today's world of mostly visual communication around us, we tend to forget that the words we choose have impact as well.

Ksenija Oletic, Consultant, Ameritest

Pam Ayres

Susie Dent is a one-off. She breathes life and fun into words.

Pam Ayres, Poet and Presenter

BBC Breakfast Television
Oxford Dictionaries
Radio Times
Channel 4 - Countdown Game Show

Why Jargon Matters

Dent's Modern Tribes - The Secret Languages of Britain by author Susie Dent

Dent's Modern Tribes is about the secret languages that are spoken between people of the same profession, people within a sports team or an orchestra, etc; people who share a particular slice of reality and therefore also share a language that outsiders don't understand.

We are surrounded by hundreds of tribes, each speaking their own distinct language of colourful words, jokes and phrases, honed through years of conversations, group conventions and rich experiences across a variety of life. Susie Dent has spent her career interviewing hundreds of professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts, and the result is an idiosyncratic phrasebook like no other. Enthralling, entertaining, and informative, Susie's colourful insights curiously expose and detail the eccentricities of the lovely English language across all walks of life. Anyone can take her practical observations to use English more skillfully in ways that communicate with precision and enjoyment.

More reads

best reads from Susie:

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Mind Resources

Expand your language with Susie's expert insights...
Susie Dent presents The Secret Life of Words

Word Surgery

See Susie Dent live on tour, and take a journey into the unexpected and downright surreal origins of the words we use every day. Each evening will include some of Susie’s favourite words from the places she visits, as well as some of her funniest stories from the TV show Countdown.

Susie Dent Gyles Brandreth podcast

Language Mastery

In this engaging, funny and informative podcast series, Susie Dent and Gyles Brandreth delve into a topic around language, and invite you to enhance your vocabulary, uncover the hidden origins of language and share their love of words.

Two Words with Susie Dent

Game of Phones

People love word games but sometimes they are a bit too much work. Susie and her crack team of developers have built a simpler, quicker word game that is so much fun you might just forget that you're playing it! Challenge your friends or even the dictionary queen herself and sharpen your skills in wordplay.

In one sentence, people decide whether or not to completely switch off to a message; language is your arsenal for changing their perception.

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Susie Dent

Leading Topics

An unswerving passion for language; a belief in the power of precise communication to enable powerful influence; explorations of effective brand and marketing linguistic strategies.

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