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Jonathan Holloway

influential visionary, giant thinker,
persuasion adviser, cultural alchemist

Leading Business

Jonathan's dynamic keynotes explore how each of us can have visionary ideas outside our means, influence above our pay-grades and the ability to deliver beyond all expectation. A humorous, provocative and compelling speaker, Jonathan's presentations are jam-packed with applicable tools and original theories that anyone can implement to increase productivity, profitability and happiness.

Jonathan is an intrepid visionary and audacious storyteller who is dedicated to changing the world through the power of creative solutions, cultural readiness and bold thinking. His professional focus is on innovating great organisations and environments; having run successful transformation projects from London's South Bank to major international arts festivals in Europe and Australia, there isn't a corporate, business or personal challenge that he cannot see ways to overcome.

Through irresistible spectacle and exhilarating art, Jonathan is renowned for his ability to take highly complex situations and projects, and deliver seemingly impossible results. Using his techniques of persuasion, clearly defined strategic vision and stakeholder collaboration, Jonathan leaves leaders unable to resist change. He inspires everyday heroes to dream large, live boldly and take meaningful risks in order to make amazing things happen. His passion and giant thinking are illustrated with hundreds of stories from his two decades running businesses, and creating some of the most outstanding and profitable festival experiences in the world.

Solving Impossible

Solving the impossible keynote speaker

One of Jonathan's unique talents is his ability to stand in front of any audience or business leader, and help them to redefine the art of the possible. His own experience of achieving incredible results that many said couldn't be done, is evidence of his highly refined influencing skills, and proof of the depth of his knowledge of human behaviour. When you have to coordinate with every possible department and stakeholder to shut down a city, enabling 30,000 people to dance in the street, or orchestrate 2 tonnes of feathers and angels falling from the sky: you learn pretty fast exactly how to get everyone on board and aligned to execute your vision. Jonathan masterfully demonstrates through his work and his speeches exactly how innovative results can be successfully brought to market.

Versatile Business Wizard

Leading minds Business Wizard

It is not often that you come across a speaker with the depth and breadth of knowledge Jonathan has when it comes to understanding the interplay and differences across diverse teams and agendas. When Jonathan is invited into a corporate environment, he enters it armed with the technical grammar and logic of giant thinking, and ways to remove the usual barriers that get in the way of success. Based on his vast experience for setting enormous goals and delivering complex projects, his messages can be as tailored and relevant for the Health and Safety team as they are for the Sales department. He is a man who has walked the talk when it comes to delivering extraordinary outcomes, using proven techniques that can be applied to every person, in every team, in every business.

Rick Heath - APACA

Jonathan's bespoke, enigmatic and audacious style had delegates hanging on his every word. Intelligent, inspiring and highly entertaining.

Rick Heath, Executive Director, Australian Performing Arts Centres Association

Marlene Kornides - IBM/Cisco Systems

Jonathan transformed a street performance into a discussion on IT, systems and infrastructure with insight, humour and enthusiasm.

Marlene Kornides, Strategic Marketing Executive, IBM/Cisco Systems

Kelly Grigsby - Wyndham City Council

Jonathan's lessons and reflections will re-focus your team on what's important in perhaps the most engaging and entertaining way you've experienced for some time.

Kelly Grigsby, CEO, Wyndham City Council

Linda Dessau - Governor of Victoria

His passion is contagious, and is bound to inspire staff, supporters and audiences alike.

Linda Dessau, Governor of Victoria, Government of Victoria

National President - Professional Speakers Australia

I saw this guy speak at the recent National Convention. In one word… brilliant! Crawl over broken glass to be there!

Winston Marsh, National President, Professional Speakers Australia

Australia Council for the Arts
Remix Summit
Professional Speakers Australia
UK National Theatre
International Business Machines

Mind Resources

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Influence Leadership

Framing Art

Jonathan Holloway joins Myf Warhurst to unpack the thinking behind the mysterious artist Banksy and deconstructs other artistic acts of hoax and trickery to spark the human imagination.

Visionary insight

The Fire Gardens

Jonathan speaks on the magic involved in the 2018 Melbourne International Arts Festival with Pat and Imo on their radio programme produced by Melbourne's media community for young people.

Motivational speaker

Breaking Bad

How can we see what is possible if we only rely on the way we have done things up until now? Balancing distruption and order is a fundamental skillset to master if you want to pull off the impossible and deliver the unexpected.

Surround yourself with brilliant people and let them do what they're great at. This is the beautiful art of doing business.

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Jonathan Holloway

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Sitting at the intersection of business, human influence and wondrous spectacle, daring us to be visionary in all aspects of everyday life.

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