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Ben Ryan

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Leading Inspiration

Organisations and audiences around the world are consistently asking to hear from the man who has achieved legendary status as one of the greatest coaches of his generation. From his early years as a club rugby player, to seven years as the England Rugby 7s coach, Ben then took a job coaching the Fiji Rugby 7s team. Three years later, he had led the team to gold at the Rio Olympics; just one of the many historic accomplishments under his leadership.

In his Keynote speeches and Masterclass sessions, Ben shares moving stories and lessons learned regarding collaboration, teamwork, communication and active cultures that inspire new thinking on topics such as effective methods to build trust, accelerating human potential and developing optimal performance in teams. Ben is an engaging, charming, mesmerising speaker who will leave an audience on the edge of their seat, empowered with tools to make real change in the way they lead their lives and succeed across their professional careers.

Leadership Keynotes

Leadership keynote speaker

Ben's motivational speeches are packed full of valuable messages and inspiration for any business audience or leadership team. He highlights some of the essential factors for establishing and sustaining the right environments that cultivate success and true engagement; including the critical need to collaboratively align values and vision with consistent communication. Drawing on his personal experiences, Ben tells powerful stories that contain practical tools to develop adaptive leadership, agile responsiveness and effective ways to build trust across diverse teams.

Management Masterclasses

Performance Management masterclass

For any organisation looking for practical guidance and support to create and sustain an internal culture that allows everyone to give the very best of themselves, Ben's Masterclass sessions explore ways to motivate peak performance and manage all talent effectively. He takes a deeper-dive into the techniques and tools that enable the right culture to be nurtured, how to motivate people by treating them as individuals, the extreme benefit of creating collaborative environments, as well as sharing some of the proven coaching techniques that he has used for effective results in both his teaching and sporting career.

Paul McKinlay - Vice President, Cimpress

Ben came to Boston to speak at our company's leadership team event. What a story this man has, and he tells it in a way that audiences were glued. He's a down-to-earth guy with an out-of-this-world tale to tell.

Paul McKinlay, Vice President, Cimpress


Ben gave a brilliant speech; he achieved complete audience buy-in and absolutely delivered on the message we were trying to convey to our business. This is something we can all learn from and deliver into our business going forward on a daily basis.

Executive sponsor, Nissan

David Sjolander - Hospitality Technology Next Generation

Our audience was tired of hearing about tech, and Ben's messages about leadership through telling his story were really meaningful to the audience. If I had known he is on the Fijian currency, I would have acquired some and had him sign it!

David Sjolander, Chief Operating Officer, HTNG


Ben was excellent and a great fit for our group and event. He was obviously well prepared and took into account our brief for the event. Only positive feedback from the group as a whole!

Conference Manager, Bazaarvoice

Jamie Levchuk - HSBC Canada

We had a great amount of positive feedback on Ben's speech. We also received a number of comments about how well mannered and polite the Fiji team was. I can see this is a direct reflection of the leadership they are receiving from Ben.

Jamie Levchuk, Managing Director, HSBC Canada Sevens

Fiji Airways
Ben Ryan - Sevens Heaven

The Champion Mindset

It is late 2013. Ben Ryan, a red-haired, 40-something, spectacle-wearing Englishman, is given 20 minutes to decide whether he wants to coach Fiji's rugby sevens team, with the aim of taking them to the nation's first-ever Olympic medal. He has never been to Fiji. There has been no discussion of contracts or salary. He says yes - and plays his part in writing history.

As one of the most successful rugby coaches in the history of the game and the man who took Fiji to rugby sevens Olympic gold in Rio 2016, Ben's insights into authentic leadership and high performance cultures are in demand from corporate leaders and organisations wanting to unlock success through maximising human potential.

Discover more of his story within these pages, and find your own inspiration from the frameworks, thinking and leadership techniques he utilises to develop teams empowered to perform at their very best.

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Thinking out loud

All around the world, the folk heroes and physical warriors of rugby grow up with a purpose in their heart and the faint outline of a dream in their mind: become an Olympic champion. Legendary rugby 7s coach Ben Ryan reflects on what it takes to change the fate of a team, a culture and an entire sport.

Motivation Speaker - BBC Podcast

Follow your Gut

What does it take to motivate a team of people? Offer a carrot or wield a stick? Ben is interviewed by BBC Radio's Simon Mundie who weekly sits down with legendary sports leaders to explore what sporting success can teach us about ordinary life.

Ben Ryan blog

The Midas Touch

Finding your style with a team that creates the space to untap and manage their potential with a minimal touch is as much active listening as it is a series of courageous conversations. Learn more how Ben manages this on the field, with leaders in boardrooms and across organisations where he shares his legendary story and techniques.

Bringing out the best in people: connect to the people they are connected to and you'll understand their 'why'.

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Ben's story is not about sport, his story is about people. Double World Champion. Olympic Gold. A world leader in performance.

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